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The current annual collection fee rate in the City is $152.52 per unit of collection, effective JAN 1, 2017. 

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City of Covington, Kentucky


Waste and Recycling Management Update


You make a difference.


Residents, Businesses, and Property Owners taking an active role in waste and recycling management benefit our community’s health, neighborhoods, property values, and economic development. You can help create a healthy, safe and clean place to work, live and play. 


•   Always place waste/recycling toters in the rear of property and out of sight on non-pickup days.

•   Always pick up waste and debris on your property and around waste/recycling toters.



The City’s Solid Waste Division and Keep Covington Beautiful are looking for community minded adults and youth who want to make a difference.  If you would like to stay informed about waste and recycling in your community and learn about to help improve your community go to our website at www.covingtonky.gov and sign up.



Questions ?  Contact the Department of Public Improvements at 859.292.2292