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When are the real estate tax bills mailed and when are they due?  

The bills are mailed by September 15th and are due October 15th.  If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, they are due the next business day.


Is there a penalty if the payment is late and if so what is it?

A 10% penalty is applied on October 16th and interest accumulates at the rate of ½ percent per month.


I think the property value on my property is wrong.  Who do I contact to correct?

Call the property valuation administrator at 859-392-1750.


Where do I mail the payment and to whom do I make the check out?

The check is made out to the City of Covington, and mailed to P.O. Box 643749, Cincinnati, OH 45264-3749. 


I purchased the property during the current year.  Am I responsible for the tax bill?

If you are the new property owner, you should check your closing statement , or check with the title company but usually the new owner is responsible for the current tax bill and any delinquencies.



There is a delinquent waste charge on my tax.  What is it?

The charge for garbage collection is sent out quarterly by Rumpke.  If those bills are not paid they are placed on the current year tax bill.


Why do I mail my payment to Cincinnati, Ohio?

That is a lockbox at US Bank.  The City of Covington contracts with the bank to process tax bills.


Does the City of Covington accept postmarks for my tax payment?



Are partial payments allowed on property tax bills?

At the present time, the City does not accept partial payments.


My mortgage company is supposed to be paying my taxes.   Why aren’t they getting the bill?

Many mortgage companies request tax bills from us.  However, your mortgage company may have failed to do so.  If you get a bill, simply mail it to your mortgage company for payment.